About This Place

What is this Place?

Currently this place is still under construction, but the general idea is that this place will be an eclectic mix of all sorts of odds and ends that we (the webmasters) want to put up here. The Currently planned projects are a web comic, art gallery, message boards, mindless rants from us, and ofcourse dragon stuff.

Who runs this place?

To be honest we're not really sure. Mostly we think it's a thousand monkeys sitting at a thousand computers. Or it could be magic!! But either way this place is here so why bother with who runs it.

What is the history on this site?

Well get a little closer and our special web page time machine and will take you there. Just kidding we don't really have a time machine, but we are working on it ;-) Back in the late 1990's a bunch of young teens got together and decided that they wanted to make computer games. Knowing very little about programming at the time, they acquired a game creation software called Klik & Play. Several months later a beta game was created called Space Wars. Following the creation of a Space Wars, it was decided that some sort of company name should be created. And thus Dragon Games was born.

Originally the main site was hosted on Angelfire. Due to account restrictions we moved to a larger hosting site and bought the domain name www.DragonGames.net. For a few years this site was host to our games made through KnP. We started to expand with more friends and projects. Unfortunately, that was as far as we ever got. With too many people we had a hard time agreeing on things and others started to loose interest. Things fell apart. To make matters worse, the host at the time made some major server changes that subsequently broke all the scripts that made up the website. Not wanting to give up, the site was then moved to a new more reliable host that offered more features for less money. However, reality set in, and would not allow the time to fix up the site. So it sat for almost 4 years with minnor fixes now and then and the same Under Construction page promising changes in the following year. *laughs* I had made the move in December and thought I would have time in the new year to work on it

Life has a way of coming around full circle. Maybe not always exactly the same, but the same people. A new site is now beyond the planning stages. Work has begun, and new ideas are pouring forth. Who knows what will happen next!!

What about this Space Wars game?

Space Wars was the first game ever made under the Dragon Games logo. The first version was made using Klik & Play. Realizing the limitations of Klik & Play, work began on another version written in Visual Basic 6. It was during this time that things fell apart, so that version was never finished. The Klik & Play version was put up on www.download.com where it reached over 20,000 downloads before cNet started charging in order to list software on their site. More can be found on the Space Wars page.